The path to AVATAR is a steep one, riddled with many challenges. Along with the trials involved with even stepping into MUTATE, AVATAR entails much more. Here are the requirements:

1) You must have a fully evolved race.
2) You must have attained 6th tier through enhancement.

That's it, really. These two requirements are often hard to do, more people spending time remutating to acquire their final race evolution before 325, others staying at a level to try and spend hundreds of Esteem Points towards getting 6th Tier. After both of these requirements have been met, and you're level 325, all you have to do is type avatar. It would be advised to have someone carry your items for you while you go through the process. You will be unable to choose a new race or class, as you will be using the ones you last had at the top of the 6th tier.

This form is known as "6.5" to those within the game. You are pretty much still a 6th tier character, only the job abbreviation on the WHO list has a different coloring than before. Also, you start out at Level 1 and must make your way up once again to 250 so you can attempt for the 7th tier class evolution. No other requirements are needed other than levelling and being lucky.

The road towards becoming an Avatar is difficult, as you are only able to gain, at the most, 10 experience points per monster. You are able to gain more if you participate in Player Killing and successfully kill someone else. Either way, you are much more powerful than any of the previous tiers, as you start out at the top of your race, granted the modifiers in melee and/or magic, making the battles hopefully passing by faster with your previous equipment.

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