Class Type: Melee
Class Specialty: Stealth and Backstabbing
Primary Attribute: Health
Secondary Attribute: Health
Previous Tier: Mercenary
Next Tier: Hitman

Lost for thousands of years, the ancient technique of assassination has been
rediscovered. Those who strive to master it must be hidden in darkness, cloaked
in shadow and move silently like the wind. A very powerful skill with the power
to strike an opponent down with a single blow if done with absolute perfection.
If done incorrectly, though it may not kill the target, it is still very powerful
and may give the Assassin enough of an advantage to finish them off completely
without alerting others.

Assassin Skills
Level Skill
1: dagger shield block sword whip
backstab swap haggle hide
peek scrolls
5: dirt kicking rub trip counter
6: sneak
7: steal
9: lore
10: pick lock
11: knee
15: envenom
18: disarm awareness second attack
19: parry
20: untangle
21: kick
22: hand to hand
25: settrap pdart
30: circle
35: dual wield
45: third attack
50: stun
52: gouge
55: evade
57: disable
63: blackjack
68: snare
70: dodge
75: fourth attack
79: fade
100: fifth attack
110: assassinate
150: offhand neckthrust
180: garotte
Assassin Spells
Level Spell
20: know alignment
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