There are numerous areas to be found within the realm of Anime Planet. Memorable areas from games, anime, books, movies, and even original concepts can be found connected to one another, making a massive block of earth that many players call home. Some areas are far more dangerous than others, but many of these have notifications before you actually step into their boundaries. Likewise, some provide little effort towards the maximum amount of experience one could get slaying a few of the inhabitants within it. This page shall attempt to try and give you an idea of what each area provides.

Areas will be given a form for their completion, to help you out in locating what you need later on. This here is a blank form that will be used later on to fill out the area information.

An ASCII map, with some difficulty in certain areas. It may be impossible with some areas to provide a map, so please, bear with us as we attempt.
A list of all available monsters, in alphabetical order and displaying their alignment. Whether they're involved in something will be noted.
~Item Compendium~
All available items that a mortal can acquire from the area, either by wandering across them or having them drop, will be listed here.
~Local Shop Intel~
Information on what each item for sale in these areas do, how much they're worth, and who sells them.
~Quest Notice~
All available global quests within this area will be listed here.

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