Class Type: Mixed
Class Speciality: Kidou along with Unique equipment
Primary Attribute: Health
Secondary Attribute: Power
Next Tier: 5th Seat Shinigami
Next Tier: 3rd Seat Shinigami

Fourth Seat Shinigami are slightly more powerful than Fifth Seat members,
they are one step closer to mastering their Zanpakutou and gaining access
to Bankai. Some have shown the ability to utilize Shunpo rather well.
The only living known Fourth Seat is Jirobo Ikkanzaka.

4th Seat Shinigami Skills
Level Skill
1: dagger zanpakutou swap enhanced damage
hand to hand second attack scrolls staves
10: grip parry
15: deathsense dual wield rub
20: dodge reishi regeneration sai forms
eishohaki zankensoki hakuda houhou
25: feint meditation
30: levitate enkosen third attack
55: evade
70: zstrike hainawa
75: seki
100: tsuzuri raiden
150: shunpo
4th Seat Shinigami Spells
Level Spell
25: shoo
35: identify
40: geki
50: kyakko
100: byakurai soren sokatsui
115: sokatsui
120: shakkaho haien shimoku
130: shitotsu sansen
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