Kiosk Terminal

Welcome to the Anime Planet Information Kiosk. Information concerning anything within Anime
Planet's boundaries has been, or will be, gathered and stored here for the public eye. As well as trying
to sink hooks into newer players, this kiosk is intended to help the players already on there with their
cravings for knowledge. Updates will be carried forth at a regularly scheduled time, so just keep an eye
open if you, too, are interested in knowledge.

~ Karona

Anime Planet is a ROT/ROM hybrid MUD that has been up for around ten years now. Many different genres
have been pulled together to construct the realm, classes, races, and overall experience that has been in
the works. The MUD will never be truly "complete", as more changes promote more opportunities to bring
in new players. One way or another, something is bound to be changed on a weekly or monthly basis, so
if you are interested in an ever-changing playground with humor, drama, and the occasional Prinny thrown
into the mix, feel free to stop in.

You may access us by entering telnet:// in a MUD client. Hope to see you there.

~25th of September, 2010~
Karona's Status
Last worked with: Cleric
Progress: Completed Cleric's skills and spells. Next up is Druid.

~4th of October, 2010~
Hitomi's Status
Last worked with: Classes
Progress: Every class has its own page now!! Furthermore, all details for all classes up through 5th tier (save descriptions for the werewolf classes) have been filled in. If you see any errors, please let me know, or feel free to edit them yourself. Next up will be skills and spells for 6th and 7th tier classes. =^_^=

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